"El Hombre detrás del Cartel". Homenaje al trabajo de Joseph Reanu. Exposición colectiva "Cuadro a Cuadro" Museo de Cartago. 2019

“Picture by Picture” was a group exhibition presented at the Cartago Museum in June 2019.

The idea arose in the workshop “Bastidor Solitrario” of my friend Jorge Crespo where collective projects are always cooked as well as exquisite dishes for gatherings in the intermission of work. Invited by my friends Li Briseño and Jorge Crespo, a group of filmmakers undertook the task of honoring the golden age of Mexican Cinema. I chose to pay tribute with my Art Book to Joseph Reanu, one of the most important poster artists of that time who worked with the technique of photomontage when nobody imagined that “one day” there would be digital cameras, photoshop and the Internet.

My work table and my cup of tea, or hot chocolate, are faithful companions of the process.

"Autorretrato". Libro Arte Exposición Colectiva. ArtFlow Gallery, abril 2019

In April 2019, a Collective Exhibition, “Auto retrato”, was held, convened and curated by the ArtFlow Gallery. My participation was with an artist’s book of the same name. Always starting with the “Storyboard” and then looking for the materials and textures that will help tell the story told by the illustrations. Throughout the creative work there was a process of immersion, of recapitulation, of liberation. All the time I was accompanied by the music that my son chooses to work with in the workshop we share, and also by his critical, professional and supportive gaze.

Karen Clachar, friend and owner of the Gallery, was the one who suggested that I participate in the selection process with a work that would characterize my recent work, the Album Book, the Artist’s Book, how successful! It has been one of the projects that I have enjoyed the most.

2020 Work table. Notebooks, images and texts.

The notebook, the experimentation of pictorial techniques and writing, are in some way a record, documentation of the creative process that concerns me. It is an open, intimate and free space where there are no barriers to play, imagination and structuring projects. Sometimes they fall asleep on paper, others take on a life of their own and are built from other spaces.

All projects are forged in the first instance on the work table with the notebook and a pen in hand, and although there will be the long hours in front of my computer, or in front of the canvas, or on paper, that first moment of connection it is essential.

Florencie 2018. "Impermanencia". Cast Oil Painting.

There are times in life when walking feels like you’re on a tightrope. 2018 was one of those moments and literally rocking back and forth, I made the decision to fly to Florence and join my son. He had finished his studies at the Angel Academy of Art in that wonderful city, and among his activities he offered oil painting workshops.

And there I was in front of my son, in his role as Teacher, explaining what the process would be like and what would be the “cast” that would serve as a model. A skull?. My first reaction was to refuse, later … well I narrate it in the video, as well as the final result. I can only say that I am deeply grateful for that time, for what I learned, and especially from my son, the painter Eduardo Elizalde Brisuela.

Florence 2018. Sculpture Workshop. Studio Thor Larsen sculptor.

Sculpture, in particular with clay, is a very particular act of creation. Experimenting with the three-dimensional portrait with a live model is an experience that requires the participation of all the senses and particularly allowing your hands to be the translators of the gaze, of the observation. Professor Thor Lasen´s workshop was a few feet from the Dome. After more than an hour of walking from the apartment where she was installed through narrow streets that stood like museums loaded with works of art, she arrived at the workshop feeling very much desire to work. The whole process, from the clay sculpture, the mold and the casting in resin, was a true learning adventure and always with introspection spaces when I was left alone with the piece, improving what we had worked with the teacher. A unique experience in a space, the workshop, the Sculptor’s Studio, full of sculptural pieces from all times. A privilege in a very peculiar year.