Art Book

I approached the Illustrated Album, also known as  Picture Book, with the idea of ​​taking a course and expanding my knowledge about something that I had only experienced visually. So I wanted to make my own illustrated book on a specific topic that I still have pending. When I discovered the true spirit of this type of book and the narrative possibilities of the illustration as the heart, the common thread of the narration through the serial organization of the images, I was trapped. It was a profound experience in many dimensions and since then illustration has reaffirmed itself as an alphabet in my work.

Telling stories has been, since I was a child, one of my passions; although my studies were specified in the field of social sciences, the storytelling, perhaps, became an unconscious resource that allowed me to transcend the horizon of the strictly rational. Through the dance between images and texts I can fly, inhabit other parallel spaces.

The illustrations with techniques  subordinated to the narrative purpose, are the fundamental condiment of what I call the “Fusion Book”, an experiment that fuses the Illustrated Album and the Art Book and that is an essential part of my present work.