Conferences, seminars and workshops are a two-way learning tool, for those who attend, and for those who offer the workshop.

The fundamental themes that I have shared in different ways over the years are: Creativity: how to develop it, how to identify the barriers that inhibit us, how to move from ideas to realization?; What techniques in the field of Neurolinguistic Programming help the creative; and Narration through the image, tools, processes, and materialization in an art book.

I have shared with artists, students, artisans, businessmen, all with a common interest, to display their creative potential, to allow the transformation that materializes in ideas, projects and objects, to also take place in the person, in the creator.

If you are interested in receiving training on these topics, do not hesitate to contact me.

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The art of illustration: Create a character.

Create a character: Tools to activate your imagination and representation technique. The objective of the workshop is to provide participants with tools to create an arsenal of characters. A starting point will be Joseph Campbell's essay, "The Hero's Journey." Through games we will activate our imagination and from a text we will characterize a protagonist and we will represent him through different pictorial techniques. Thursday 5 and Tuesday 17 March 2020

The art of illustration: The Photoshop tools.

Your handwork, drawings, paintings, cutouts of shapes, textures and colors, mixed, recreated and finished with the magic of Photoshop. "The PhotoShop Tool" is essential in the area of design, composition, finishing. Its application can be in the Illustration, and also in multiple areas of the Visual Arts. This workshop has the peculiarity that it will be carried out in small groups of two people, maximum three. Ideally, each one has a laptop and Photoshop program that can be used online.
January 2020. Contact me!

The art of illustration: From the text to image.

"Illustrate a text."
An exercise from the perspective of the Illustrated Album or Picture Book Some of the content that we are going to share:
- Principles of visual perception.
- The Sketch.
- introduction to the collage technique.
It is very important to collect textures, images, objects and any other element related to the text that you want to illustrate.

The art of illustration.

Illustrate, illuminate the texts. Illustration is gaining independence and becoming a discipline of the arts to the extent that it not only clarifies in parallel what appears in a text, but with the development of the Illustrated Album, or Picture Book, it has the ability to tell a story from the serial representation. I invite you to take a tour of different ways of illustrating and the principles of narrating through images.