Painting has been the form of expression I have focused most on, it is a medium that I am passionate about and in which I feel satisfaction and fulfillment. However, engraving, sculpture, mixed media and writing have also accompanied me over the years.

Each of these forms of communication has a particular spirit, a stamp. Some are more intimate, more linked to introspection and silence. Others, such as engraving, are associated with collective work, learning and group exchange. Between one and the other I try to move with the same degree of eloquence and commitment.

Although the figurative prevails in my work, abstract painting has been and is a language in which I experience a freedom that knows no limits. It demands more and more attention from me and I understand it as a parallel exercise to any moment of the creative process. In the field of figuration there have been several stages, from scenes where various characters participate, to the portrait in which I try to capture the emotions linked to silence, introspection and meditation.

At the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020 I began to develop a project to honor women who have left traces in history and universal culture. This work has led me through the paths of research, conceptualization and interpellation to myself, to my mental and cultural schemes, and to that of the observers. It is a process that is being expressed in various ways and collage is the first form of materialization.

Personally, each day is a challenge, a new learning experience, a new way of understanding myself and others.