I was born in Havana, Cuba. I lived in Costa Rica for over 30 years and currently I reside between San José, Costa Rica, y Richmond, Texas.

I am Economist graduated from the University of Havana (UH) in 1979, for more than thirteen years I worked as a professor and researcher at the Center for Research in International Economics (CIEI) of the Faculty of Economics of the UH. In 1995 I graduated with a Master’s Degree in Economic Policy, with an emphasis in International Trade, at the National University of Costa Rica. I worked as a consultant in the Ministry of Planning and in the Congress of Costa Rica.

However, despite my academic training, my aspiration always pointed to the world of art and creation. In my everyday life there was always a place for artistic exploration, so I did not surprise anyone when in April 2004, after three solo exhibitions of painting at the Costa Rican Congress itself, I decided to jump from my desk full of projects to “emptiness” and the “uncertainty” typical of the art world.

Once immersed in my new world, I trained as a facilitator of creative processes, Master Coach with NLP, and managed the “TransformArte” project, through which I offer advice, workshops and training for the development of personal creativity and organizational.

In 2013 I did a Master in Illustrated Album at Escuela i con i, a Madrid company dedicated to the training and management of cultural projects, the illustrated book and the Methodology of Visual Thinking.

I have received countless courses and workshops on engraving, painting, sculpture, writing and I have enjoyed residencies in the artists category on research and curatorial themes in visual arts and contemporary cultures, in Costa Rica, Cuba and Florence, Italy.
Among my most important solo and group exhibitions are:

• Solo exhibition at the Rogue Buddha Gallery, Minneapolis, 2008;
• “Metaphors of power”, collective exhibition. Museum of Costa Rican Art. “Juegos de la Mente”, two sculptures selected by the Museum curatorship. Leonardo Da Vinci birth commemoration and the UNESCO declaration of International Artist’s Day. April 2013;
• “Self portrait”, collective exhibition. “Self portrait” artbook. ArtFlow Gallery. 2019;
• “La Hebra infinita: Mujeres que cuentan”, collective at the Calderón Guardia Museum, San José, Costa Rica, February 2021.
• “Yo Creo“, collective Art Book. Group Instantes Gráficos. ArtLibris, ARCO Madrid 2023.
• “Derecho de Vida: Miradas Ecocofeministas”, collective exhibition. “Autobiography” Artist’s Book. Centro Cultural de España en Costa Rica (CCECR). March 2023.
• “Irreverent.” Individual exhibition. Installations and Artist Book. Chiasso Perduto Gallery. Florence, August 2023.

My works are in public and private collections in Costa Rica, Cuba, the United States, Mexico, Switzerland, Norway, Israel, Argentina, Italia and Spain.

As of 2022 I began to be part of the group Instantes Gráficos, based in Argentina by artists from different countries. Instantes Gráficos is dedicated in the first place to the creation and dissemination of collective and individual Artists’ Books. It is also dedicated to the organization of collective exhibition of graphic works in national and international Galleries and Institutions, and to the participation of International Fairs in the area of Book Art.

For 5 years, I was the Coordinator of the Professional Development Commission of the Costa Rican Association of Visual Artists, (ACAV), from where I implemented a strategy oriented towards training in the field of Conceptual Art, Research and Curatorship. Through this Commission I organized conferences, courses and workshops with international professionals in the visual art and curatorship.

I was invited as a research artist and coordinator of the aforementioned Commission to give lectures at the RELAC of the AIAP (Latin American and Caribbean Region (RELAC) of the International Association of Plastic Arts (AIAP|IAA) and in the Glocalidades Project developed by several institutions and professionals of the visual arts of Latin American countries). The topics of the conferences were: Creative Process; Critical thinking; and strategies for the professional training of visual artists.

The most important about those years of work as Coordinator of the Professional Development Commission is that they coincided with the worst time of the Pandemic. Reaching the space inhabited by artists and arts professionals in difficult times meant opening a space for contact, warmth, human solidarity, and collectivism in the practice of art and life.

At present I continue working on the “Irreverent” Project looking for new ways to communicate the impact of women’s footprint in history – particularly in art – the way they faced countless adversities; and the resonance of their actions and works in my own history, and in that of women today.