My essentially eclectic artistic practice is an extension of my own being; a reflection of the condition and the place in the world I inhabit. I conceive art in any of its forms, as a means of realization and connection. Realization, because it provides me with a tool for introspection, self-absorption and expansion; Connection, because I experience the fusion of being a woman, mother, artist, communicator, researcher. My practice is a personal exercise in continuous search.

That is precisely why my foray into painting, sculpture, engraving, drawing, the art book, writing and project design, became the expression of a vital need. It is a mode of communication and exploration on the routes of my own ontological map. Making art is a way of connecting with myself, with the environment, with “who I am?”: that which inhabits everywhere and manifests itself in innumerable ways.

Through experimentation I build and rebuild myself over  in a kind of continuous resonance in multiple dimensions. I feel that the creative process, from its origin, from the idea, -materializes or not-, is transformative and gives me great satisfaction when I manage to communicate my personal process and the tools that I use so that they can have from their space the ability to weave their own experiences.

Making art gives me the benefit of doubt, error, forgiveness, reconciliation, love and understanding. Making art redeems me, amplifies me, expands me.